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      Jeff Kazukiewicz with "A Lifetime of Music" provides weekly violin and piano instruction for my son and daughter. Member Comments: Jeff is an excellent musician and instructor. One could not ask for a better music teacher. There are many approaches and curriculums for teaching music but I think the most important thing about an instructor is "can they INSPIRE the kids?" and Jeff has done that. My kids love practising and having their lessons with Jeff and I believe he is the main reason they are doing so well. At first, I was admittedly concerned how well a teacher could teach both piano and violin without focusing on one or the other, but that hasn't been an issue at all. Jeff is an excellent keyboard teacher. He has brought our 16-year-old to the point of playing concert level Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt etudes/sonatas and working on a Mozart concerto. Jeff is very detail-oriented and sometimes they spend the entire 60 minute lesson working on just one piece or movement and we can hear the difference in our son's playing.

–Lance H. (03867)

      Jeff Kazukiewicz has been teaching my daughter the piano for the past six months. Jeff Is not only incredibly knowledgable, but is kind and patient. He is the perfect fit for my daughter. Jeff communicates well with the children and their parents. He is dedicated to developing each child's ability and talent.

–Cheryl A. (04087)

      Mr Kazukiewicz has been very patient and professional. He has helped me correct some old habits (violin) and helped me to understand some music theory I never learned 50 + years ago.

–Jean R. (04087)

      My daughter had been taking violin lessons for 7 years when we found Jeff and A Lifetime of Music. The lessons previously were probably typical of what one may find with a typical local teacher...learn a song, get a sticker, move on to the next song...and yet, I began to have a sinking realization that she was not improving. When she started with Jeff, he explained that for about a year things would move very slowly as she unlearned most of what she had been taught, and that she might even start to hate it for awhile, but he encouraged her to persevere. And he was totally accurate. For about a year, she plugged away at it (and actually didn't even hate it). Jeff's teaching style is completely different. It is all about learning proper technique in the classical style and focus and beauty, and it works! Although he only has her play classical pieces, her confidence in playing any other genre has grown exponentially. He demands a high level of commitment while continuing to be an encouragement to his students. As we continue, I look forward to seeing her blossom and grow into the exceptional violinist she really wants to be. Under his tutelage, her growth has been unbelievable, and as a perk to her beautiful sound, she received a very generous 4 yr. scholarship to university next year based on her audition! ...hard work, dedication, and Jeff to thank!

–Amy D. (03852)

      Mr. Kazukiewicz is a wonderful violin teacher, he taught our son for 8 years when he lived in Massachusetts as well for a time when he came down from Maine to Massachusetts for lessons. He took hour long lessons. Mr. Kazukiewicz is a wonderful violin teacher, he taught our son for 8 years when he lived in Massachusetts as well for a time when he came down from Maine to Massachusetts for lessons. He brought our son from a novice to an advanced player and encouraged and helped him prepare for auditions for local youth orchestras. He is a wonderful teacher, we only wish he lived closer to us!

–Gail B. (01860)

      My daughter has been taking weekly piano lessons from A Lifetime of Music for close to one year and it has been a very positive experience. Lessons have been challenging without being overwhelming. Mr. Kazukiewicz has provided a supportive learning environment in which he has consistently been able to relate to my daughter on her level. In her words, "My lessons are fun and exciting and I learn a lot."

–Deb B. (04083)

      My 2 daughters take classes with Mr. K, ages 12 and 5. He has been able to adapt his teaching style to cater to both their abilities. His patience with my 5 year old amazes me and both their progression has been beautiful!

–Cristie P. (04087)

      Mr. Kazukiewicz is excellent with young children. An extremely kind, patient and professional teacher of music.

–Dave H. (04087)

      My 8 year old daughter is a violin student of Jeffery Kazukiewicz at A Lifetime of Music. Jeff is obviously very musically talented. Beyond his musical skill, he is also exceptionally good at teaching kids. His rapport with my daughter is wonderful. He listens and encourages her to critique herself and helps her figure out what needed improvement instead of just declaring something was wrong and telling her to do it a different way. His sense of humor and patience are a huge asset and it's clear he enjoys what he does. Jeff focuses on perfecting form and technique from the start, rather than speed in moving through more advanced pieces, so that my daughter is learning correctly the first time and not reinforcing bad habits. I am extremely happy we found Jeff and would highly recommend him as a music teacher.

–Martha Jo M. (04083)

      Jeffery is a kind, friendly and very talented individual who enjoys passing his deep knowledge of music on to others. His patient and understanding teaching approach lends to having productive lessons.

–Nathan L. (04083)

      Jeff is a very professional and gifted piano teacher. As an adult beginner, I feel lucky to have found such a special instructor. Lessons with Jeff are a pleasure. He is relaxed and patient, and offers encouragement and constructive feedback. I highly recommend Jeff for students of any age and ability. He is a skilled teacher and caring person.

–Eileen C. (04083)

      Amazing instructor! He is very knowledgeable, patient (very important for me haha!) and he truly cares. I'm very impressed. Highly recommend.

–Adult Student (04087)